Morocco Can Become Africa’s Agricultural, Industrial Hub After COVID-19

Morocco Can Become Africa’s Agricultural, Industrial Hub After COVID-19
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Morocco Can Become Africa’s Agricultural, Industrial Hub After COVID-19

Rabat – Moroccan expert in strategy and economic diplomacy Amine Laghidi believes Morocco has the potential to become a hub for the transformation of African agricultural and industrial exports after the COVID-19 pandemic releases its global chokehold.

“In this period of crisis, food security represents an unavoidable opportunity for Morocco,” Laghidi said to Maghreb Arab Press (MAP). 

“[Morocco] can become a hub for processing African agricultural and industrial products intended for export, catalyzing the creation of rewarding jobs, but also the development of a key economic sector for many countries in West and Central Africa,” he added. 

Laghidi also stressed the need for “regional interdependence” and “co-industrialization towards a new paradigm of world trade” post-COVID-19.

He said strategists are analyzing economic activity with representatives of Morocco’s most “active sectors, namely the primordial economic activities, at this moment, food security with the farmer, industry, transport, and distribution, as well as pharmaceutical activity.”

He went on to underline “the newly essential activities initiated in response to the crisis: E-commerce, technology, the production of masks, antibacterial gels and artificial respirators.”

Morocco has “undoubtedly” demonstrated its ability to locally produce protective face masks for its population in record time and to mobilize its industries to support national efforts to tackle COVID-19, he said. 

According to Head of Government Saad Eddine El Othmani, Morocco’s surgical face mask production has reached 10 million units per day, with 73 industrial units and cooperatives operating day and night. The mask production is now sufficient to cover the needs of the Moroccan people and export to Europe

Laghidi also stressed that Morocco, in transforming into a global trade hub, must place its citizens at the center of development to ensure a prosperous and united dynamic: “A Morocco by Moroccans, for Moroccans.”

Morocco’s new and immaterial economy—comprised of e-commerce, artificial intelligence, application, and web content—plays a pivotal role in facing the COVID-19 crisis, he continued. Post-COVID-19, the digital tools will aid Morocco as instruments of education, diplomacy, and influence, he added.

Laghidi highlighted the need to develop digital solutions adapted to Africa and said the continent can tap into Morocco’s experience and expertise in this aim.

The expert welcomed Morocco’s proactive measures to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and the solid cooperation and mobilization citizens have displayed. “The Moroccan citizen is committed by staying at home, working remotely and remaining united with workers on the front line,” he said.

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