Sowing area of Kharif crops 21.2% more than last year

Sowing area of Kharif crops 21.2% more than last year
By: Mint Agri Posted On: July 17, 2020 View: 25

Sowing area of Kharif crops 21.2% more than last year

As of today the total area on which kharif crops have sown has increased by 21.2% compared to same time last year.

Last year, kharif crops were sown 570.86 lakh ha area, while as on 17 July 2020 the area used by crops stands at 691.86 lakh ha area.

As per the data available following was the increase in the area on which the following crops were sown;

  • Rice on 168.47 lakh ha against 142.06 lakh ha
  • Pulses on 81.66 lakh ha against 61.70 lakh ha
  • Coarse Cereals 115.60 lakh ha against 103.00 lakh ha
  • Oilseeds 154.95 lakh ha area against 110.09 lakh ha
  • Under Cotton 113.01 lakh ha area against 96.35 lakh ha
  • Jute & Mesta on 6.88 lakh ha area against 6.84 lakh ha

The actual rainfall received in India is 338.3 mm against normal of 308.4 mm from the beginning of the year till 16 July.

As per a CWC report the live water storage in India in 123 reservoirs is now 150% of what it was last year and 133% of what it has been in the last 10 years.

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