Census of Agriculture 2020 in Gozo and Malta starts this month

Census of Agriculture 2020 in Gozo and Malta starts this month
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Census of Agriculture 2020 in Gozo and Malta starts this month

Census of Agriculture 2020 in Gozo and Malta starts this monthA Census of Agriculture 2020 in Gozo and Malta is being undertaken by the National Statistics Office in accordance with the Commission Implementing Regulaton (EU) 2018/1874.

The data collection will be spread over five months, starting this month, with the Census date as the 30th of September, 2020. For the first tme, the Census of Agriculture will be held in collaboration with the Agriculture Directorate within the Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Rights.

The NSO explained that through this Census, detailed information will be collected and compiled on Malta’s agricultural sector.

All Maltese farmers who are engaged in crop production, livestock breeding and/or beekeeping will be asked to provide specific statstical data related to their agricultural activity during the last 12-month period preceding the Census date.

Approximately 10 million farmers across the European Union will be taking part in a similar exercise during this year.

The NSO said that the information that will be collected includes:

• General characteristics of the agricultural holdings;

• Agricultural area used by farmers to cultivate crops and/or permanent crops in each parcel;

• Kinds of livestock and number of heads reared by farmers;

• Different kinds of animal housing in farms;

• Manure management systems;

• Human resources employed by agricultural holdings; and

• Machinery used by the agricultural holdings.

Upon completion, the NSO said that the aggregated results will be made public and used to identify and address specific issues through tailor-made policy measures that concern this sector.

These statistics will also be used for planning and support purposes that might be necessary for the consolidation and preservation of this vital economic activity, the NSO said.

This statistical data will be shared with the statistical office of the European Union, Eurostat, whereby Malta’s agricultural situation will be compared with that in other European member states.

The National Statistics Office said that participation in the Census of Agriculture is obligatory as set in the Malta Statistics Authority Act, Chapter 422 of the Laws of Malta and the Agriculture Returns Ordinance, Chapter 84 of the Laws of Malta.

Like with all its surveys, the NSO ensures that the data collected remains confidential and will be used solely for the statistical purposes of the two entities.

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