Agricultural campaign covers over 400,000 families in Cuanza Sul

Agricultural campaign covers over 400,000 families in Cuanza Sul
By: EIN Posted On: October 17, 2020 View: 2

Agricultural campaign covers over 400,000 families in Cuanza Sul

According to the Director of the Provincial Office for Agriculture and Fisheries, Laurindo Ladeira, these are families organised in agricultural cooperatives and associations.

Figures from the Agriculture Directorate indicate that 5,000 hectares, 200 tonnes of seeds, 600 tonnes of fertilisers, 500 tonnes of maize, an equal number of beans, among others, are to be distributed to 429 associations and 206 cooperatives.

Production is expected to exceed one million tonnes of various products this season, in contrary to the 653,000 tonnes harvested last season.

These figures were revealed this Friday in the town of Salinas, municipality of Amboim, during the opening ceremony of the 2020/21 agricultural year, which took place under the slogan "Agriculture, forestry and fisheries, a safe bet to launch national production".

During the act, the provincial governor acknowledged that Cuanza Sul has favourable conditions for the practice of agriculture and symbolically handed over seeds and in puts to farmers' associations.

In the last agricultural campaign, the government supported the peasant families with more than 1000 tons of various seeds, 2000 tons of fertilizers and various working tools among hoes, machetes, animal-drawn ploughs.

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