Sugar rules unchanged

Sugar rules unchanged
By: Agribusiness Posted On: April 02, 2018 View: 256

Sugar rules unchanged

Sugar market ruled unchanged despite higher dispatches from mills and markets as supply and stocks remained sufficient in the markets. Arrivals and local dispatches improved due to higher demand in the start of the new month. Prices at Vashi and mill level were flat and morale was steady at the end of the day. Arrivals at Vashi increased to 60-62 truck loads and local dispatches were also at same level. Freight rates were steady. Inventory at Vashi were expected at 105-110 truck loads. On Saturday hardly 10-12 mills sold about 18,000-20,000 bags at ₹2,790-2,860 for S-grade and ₹2,880-3,000 for M-grade. On Bombay Sugar Merchants Association's spot rates were: S-grade ₹3,040-3,140 and M-grade ₹ 3,100-3,290 Naka delivery rates were: S-grade ₹2,930-3,050 and M-grade ₹3,020 – 3,150.

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