May 28, 2020  

Locust swarms out of Vidarbha, no major loss to agriculture: Officials

  EIN     May 28, 2020

Nagpur: Locust swarms that entered Vidarbha a week ago have left the region at least for time being, ...View More

Flagship Pioneering Taps Chouraqui as CEO-Partner, CEO of Cellarity

  biot11     May 28, 2020

May 28th, 2020 Xconomy Boston — Flagship Pioneering has created a dual role as CEO-partner ...View More

LIBERIA: In the Line of Fire, Agriculture Minister Brushes Off 'Distractions' Amid Lingering Allegations - Front Page Africa

  EIN     May 28, 2020

IN THE LINE OF FIRE: Agriculture Minister Jeanine Milly Cooper is engulfed in a fierce storm regardi ...View More

उन्हाळ्यातील केळी बागेचे व्यवस्थापन

उष्णलाटांमुळे बागेतील तापमान वाढते, आर्द्रता कमी होते, बाष्पीभवनाचा वेग वाढतो. याचा विपरित परिणाम झा ...View More

नियोजन संत्रा बाग लागवडीचे..

हलक्‍या जमिनीत निचरा चांगला होतो. मात्र या जमिनीच्या वरील थरातील मातीची धूप होण्याची आणि खालच्या थरा ...View More

असे करा द्राक्षबागेतील स्ट्रोमॅशिअम बारबॅटम खोडकीडीचे नियंत्रण

खोडकिडीचे प्रौढ भुंगेरे साधारणतः मान्सूनपूर्व, जून महिन्याच्या पहिल्या पंधरवड्यात खोडातून बाहेर येता ...View More

कोंबड्यांमध्ये दिसते खनिजांची कमतरता

कोंबड्यांच्या आहारातील खनिजे विविध प्रकारची कार्ये करीत असतात. अंड्याचे कवच तयार करणे, हाड मजबूत करण ...View More

Spring seeding in Saskatchewan 80% complete: Saskatchewan Agriculture

  EIN     May 28, 2020

Spring seeding in Saskatchewan is nearing completion.Saskatchewan Agriculture said favourable weathe ...View More

How our agricultural projects will enhance food security – LASG

  EIN     May 28, 2020

Prince Gbolahan Lawal Lagos State Government has unfolded various agricul ...View More

Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets Adopts Vermont Hemp Rules

  EIN     May 28, 2020

Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets Adopts Vermont Hemp Rules - Agriculture Industr ...View More

Texas A&M AgriLife decision aid assists producers in uncertain times

  EIN     May 28, 2020

What a difference a few months have made for Texas High Plains agricultural producers under the fina ...View More

Agriculture Labour: Repositioning regional agriculture

  EIN     May 28, 2020

Sandiford Edwards, MA, MBA, ACCA Sandiford Edwards, MA, MBA, ACCA – Guest Contributor Introdu ...View More

Farmers in Assam export pumpkins to Dubai

GUWAHATI: Farmers in Assam exported pumpkins to Dubai. Till now, 182 Metric tones (MT) of vegetables ...View More

CFAP to provide support for agriculture

  EIN     May 28, 2020

Signups for the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) are underway, said Oklahoma's USDA Farm S ...View More

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