More than 4,000 jackets to be circulated by FSSAI to food safety officials working all over India

More than 4,000 jackets to be circulated by FSSAI to food safety officials working all over India
By: KrushiJagran Posted On: February 17, 2021 View: 149

More than 4,000 jackets to be circulated by FSSAI to food safety officials working all over India

Food Safety Officer

Over than 4000 smart jackets will be issued to food safety officials in the nation by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). Based on demand, 4086 of these jackets will soon be shipped by FSSAI to FSOs all across the world. 

As per the FSSAI, 8 jackets will move to Tripura, Dadra and Nagar Haveli 8, Chattisgarh 112, Delhi 34, Delhi 44, Gujarat 798, Chandigarh 10, Arunachal Pradesh 8, Dadra and Nagar Haveli 8, Chattisgarh 110, Kerala 294, West Bengal 358, Uttarakhand 104, Maharashtra 454 and Nagaland 16. Delhi will receive 38, Kolkata 28, Chennai 48 and Mumbai 80, as well as Regional offices. In addition to the states and regional authorities, the FSSAI Headquarters will also receive intelligent jackets for its separate divisions. 

The FSSAI in partnership with the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) has created and conceived FSSAI Smart Jackets which shall be a symbol of professionalism for FSOs (Food Safety Officers). "With the addition of a nationwide exposure of FSO's, this should increase the accuracy, competence, and accountability of the food security community," says FSSAI in a release. 

Throughout food testing and analysis, the jacket helps to prevent cross-contamination. Style helps technical controls, enabling the FS0 to carry devices, such as laptops, mobile devices and so forth, and the jacket will feature RFID tags, compact camera and QR-Code to monitor FSOs' visits using this innovation. 

The statement says on, and continues that the Food Safety Commissioner's office should promptly circulate such jackats in all the FSO's to confirm that they are ready for service. "The jacket is aesthetically built to facilitate simple movement, storage and use of products typically transported by FSOs such as the note book, stylos, gloves, specimen containers, etc. 

Besides the FSSAI first jackets, the HQ will not have any more Jackets or substitutes by FSSAI, HQ, or by GeM and Eat Right India Retail Shop in the future. The jacket will be viable in the future. This can also be requested and obtained directly from GeM/Eat Right India Merchandise Store by the State Food Safety Commissioner or any other official properly approved by it or by any FSO. 

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