LPG Gas Subsidy: Check Whether LPG Subsidy is deposited in your Account or not in one click

LPG Gas Subsidy: Check Whether LPG Subsidy is deposited in your Account or not in one click
By: KrushiJagran Posted On: February 18, 2021 View: 865

LPG Gas Subsidy: Check Whether LPG Subsidy is deposited in your Account or not in one click


The government provides subsidy to help people manage the rising cost of cooking gas or LPG cylinder. The subsidy on LPG (Liquified Petroleum Gas) cylinders is provided by the government to reduce the additional burden on households. 

The subsidy of LPG is set aside in different states. The government subsidizes 12 domestic cylinders (14.2 kg) every year. Market price has to be paid for buying more cylinders. If you have to check whether you are getting subsidy or not, then you can check it online.  

It is very easy to find out whether you are actually getting it every time you book a cylinder or not. The people having gas connections can check it online. 

Learn how to check at home whether the subsidy amount is deposited in your account or not. 

Check online status of gas subsidy in this way. 

How to Check LPG Subsidy at Home? 

If you also want to know the amount of subsidy, first you have to go to the link. After this, you have to click in your company's tab from the HP Gas, Bharat Petroleum Gas and Indane Gas tabs. A new page will open as soon as it is selected. Now go to the menu and enter the 17 digit LPG ID. 
If the LPG ID is not known, then also there is nothing to worry. You can find it through your registered mobile number. For this, you have to go to Click Here to Know Your LPG ID and click on it. 

  • Here you will get the button to process as soon as you fill in your registered mobile number, LPG consumer ID, state name and distributor information, captcha code.




  • In this, you can also get information about linking bank account and Aadhaar card to LPG account, as well as whether you have left the option of subsidy or not.

However, those people who earn around Rs 10 lakhs per annum are not going to get the benefit of LPG subsidy.  

At the same time, the Ministry of Finance has reduced the petroleum subsidy (LPG Cylinder Subsidy) for the financial year 2022, which will affect the common man. The ministry has reduced the petroleum subsidy to Rs 12,995 crore.  

This reduction in the subsidy budget has been done at a time when the government has also talked about adding one crore beneficiaries under the Ujjwala scheme. 

What's the easiest way to book cylinder? 

The easiest way is to call the number given by the company from your number, if you are an Indane customer. So you can book gas now by calling the new number 7718955555. 

Or the other easy way is to WhatsApp. Type REFILL on your WhatsApp Messenger and send it to 7588888824, make sure your WhatsApp number is on your registered mobile number! (LPG Cylinder) 

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