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‘Sarso mein IP ka tadka’ leaves local farmers in the dock

As debates around genetically modified (GM) mustard pick up in India, Shalini Bhuta ...View More

For the love of the seed industry

It was a Valentine’s Day vow with a difference. The bond between the private seed i ...View More

A few facts for GM-advocate Manmohan Singh

At the 101st Indian Science Congress in Jammu, the Prime Minister reaffirmed his fa ...View More

Seeds of doubt

The effect of GM crops on food, agriculture and farmers continues to be highly controversial, pol ...View More

On the trail of toxins

The ubiquity of genetically modified crops, brought about by the sustained efforts of agribusines ...View More

GM Crops: Can India follow the Philippines example?

The Court of Appeals in Philippines has recently passed an order, prohibiting field trials of GM Bt  ...View More

Government ignores adverse TEC report

The Ministry of Agriculture moves to introduce adoption of genetically modified crops in India,  ...View More

Schizophrenia of agricultural policy

Any discussion of GM crops must take place within the larger framework of the indispensable need  ...View More

Reasons for the Bt Brinjal moratorium

Barely three days after the conclusion of the last of six public hearings, Minister of Environmen ...View More

Where is the science?

The debate in GM plants is deeply suffused by vested interests. In addition to impeding research, ...View More

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