In Urban Gardens Without Borders, Project Sweetie Pie Plants Seeds for Food Justice and Freedom

“North Minneapolis is going green Give us a call and learn what we mean Where once lay urban ...View More

Houston Urban Ag Organization Helps Make Living Wage a Reality for Refugee Farmers

Teresa O’Donnell built her 2015 TEDx talk around a simple question, “Can an urban farmer earn a livi ...View More

A Hydroponic Twist on the Family Farm

Quickley Produce Farm represents a modern take on the family farm. It’s not a farm that has been pas ...View More

Farming Formerly Vacant Lots, Urban Ag Program Grows New Farmers and Fresh Produce for Food Deserts

An urban farming project in West Sacramento, California, aims to fill the area’s food deserts with f ...View More

Urban Aquaponic Farmer and Chef Redefines Local Food in Orange County, CA

In a county named for its former abundance of orange groves, chef and farmer Adam Navidi is on the f ...View More

Why Fixing Food Deserts is About More Than Building Grocery Stores

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has defined food deserts as parts of the country where it ‘ ...View More

Early Adopter of Shipping Container Farming Opts to Build His Own

There’s something romantic about an upcycled shipping container being transformed into a sustainable ...View More

LA Green Grounds Digs in to Build Urban Farms and Strengthen Community

In Los Angeles, CA, community members involved in the urban farming and food justice movements are k ...View More

AgTech Innovation Symposium in Irvine, CA to Explore Technologies Shaping the Agriculture Industry

A unique symposium which will focus on the technologies, strategies and companies that enable best p ...View More

UC Cooperative Extension Offers Urban Farming Workshops in San Diego and Sacramento 

Urban farmers and those considering farming in an urban area are invited to participate in a series  ...View More

Reducing Food System Energy Demand While Scaling Up Urban Agriculture

Urban agriculture (UA) has been undergoing a global resurgence in recent decades, with cities in bot ...View More

Farming Crops with Rocks to Reduce CO2 and Improve Global Food Security

Farming crops with crushed rocks could help to improve global food security and capture CO2 from the ...View More

Food by Local Farmers. Distribution System by Ants.

This article was originally published on Looking for a way to help a sustainable food sys ...View More

A Quantitative Study Assesses the Aggregate Benefits and Potential of Urban Agriculture Worldwide

Abstract Though urban agriculture (UA), defined here as growing of crops in cities, is increasing in ...View More

Harvard’s Bionic Leaf Could Feed the World

As the global population rises toward 10 billion, the planet is headed for a food shortage, with som ...View More

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